spider-baby 2   spider_baby 1


“Maybe you’ve seen her: a girl-child in a heavily soiled nightdress, creepy-crawling on her belly through a garden of toadstools in the yard beside an old dark house. She is ‘The Sixties’–in all its promise and eventual deformity–coming into being, coming up from underneath.”

  — the opening paragraph of “A Child’s Garden of Flies: Jill Banner’s Deadly Spider Baby”, an essay by CHUCK STEPHENS about B-movie actress Jill Banner, best known for Jack Hill’s 1964 creep-fest “Spider Baby”  (written for the magazine “Film Comment” [Jan/Feb 1915, Volume 51, Number 1])

Writer and essayist Chuck Stephens is a Contributing Editor to Film Comment magazine, former West Coast Editor of Filmmaker, and has written for the Village Voice, Cinema Scope, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Interview, and numerous publications around the world. He is also a longtime contributor to projects, and has authored numerous essays for laser discs and DVDs in The Criterion Collection.

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