Staying in the world of THE CUT-UP TECHNIQUE for another moment, over the past year I have been doing my own version of this process. Instead of physically cutting & pasting text, I first look through anything with words in it: catalogs, magazines, pamphlets, billboards. Then, after finding what I think works well together, I write them down in my small notebook I (try to) keep with me at all times…

For this particular version of ¨the Cut-Up Technique¨, I created a particular restriction: the words I pick must work not as prose; instead they must form a title. Moreover, it cannot be any title; they must be somewhat lurid, something that would fit nicely on the cover of an old pulp novel paperback, the kind usually found on a squeaky wire spin-rack in the back of a used book store or thrift shop.

To give you some examples, look at these covers:

Pulp Cover 1            Pulp Cover 2          Pulp Cover 3            Pulp Cover 4

Usually, due to years of wear and tear, they are scuffed at the edges, with the occasional crease mark and yellowed decaying pages inside.


  • ¨One Hell of a Spree¨
  • ¨A Different Kind of Thrill¨
  • ¨Bait and Hook¨
  • ¨Whatever Became of the Doppelganger?¨
  • ¨Methinks the Lady Consents Too Much¨
  • ¨Billie is a Gun Thug¨
  • ¨The Phantom Gleam¨
  • ¨Remembered Footlights, Remembered Snow¨
  • ¨Bargain Freak¨
  • ¨Incomparable Acts¨
  • ¨Cryptic Tongue¨
  • ¨Police Blotter Witness¨
  • ¨Patent Leather¨
  • ¨Even Picasso Had His Blue Period¨
  • ¨Saturday Alice¨
  • ¨Manhunt in B-Flat¨
  • ¨The Very Devil¨
  • ¨An Indelicate Woman¨
  • ¨Part and Parcel¨
  • ¨Even Bedrooms Have Windows¨
  • ¨Population: 0¨
  • ¨Portrait of a Duplicated Man¨
  • ¨What Flickers Becomes Flame¨

*Please note that the majority of these titles have been copyrighted in my name. However, if a title interests you for a potential project of your own, I ask that you please contact me. Unless I am using the title in question for a current or future project, I will send you a letter of consent stating I am forfeiting the title over to you.


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